Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Steelers departs the Browns game on the same play when Nick Chubb suffers a horrific injury.

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“Nik Chab suffered a serious knee injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the start of the second quarter, but Pittsburgh also lost a player in that game.” Minka Fitzpatrick was hurt during the match, suffering a lower-body injury during tackling.

Fitzpatrick delivered a hard hit to Chab, forcing him to exit the field. Fitzpatrick left the game with an injury that was not immediately diagnosed. He was visible on the sidelines, but the Steelers did not label him as hurt.

In this competition, Fitzpatrick has already made a game-changing play. Fitzpatrick blocked a throw meant for Deshaun Watson in the first scrimmage of the game, which wound up in the hands of Alex Highsmith, who turned it into a pick-six, giving Pittsburgh an early lead.

Fitzpatrick returned to the game after preventing Jerome Ford from scoring a 70-yard touchdown for the Browns in the third quarter. Ford was stopped just short of the goal line by the Steeler’s defense, making his run 69 yards. Fitzpatrick has six tackles, one more than the Steelers.

Fitzpatrick was forced to leave the game in the third quarter owing to a chest issue.

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