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Lil Tay died at the age of 14 a rapper and social media star.

Lil Tay’s death was confirmed on her Instagram page.

Claire Hope, the well-known Canadian pre-teen online rapper known as Lil Tey, has died. Their management acknowledged the terrible news in a statement.

Hope’s family announced the news on Lil Te’s Instagram page, which has 3.3 million followers.” Filled with profound sorrow, we must convey the heartbreaking update regarding the unexpected and sorrowful departure of our cherished Claire,” the family said. “In this moment of deep anguish, we struggle to articulate the unfathomable loss and beyond-words agony that weighs upon us,” they continued in their statement. This result was completely unexpected and has left us all flabbergasted. The death of their sibling deepens our sadness to an unfathomable degree. We beg for privacy at this time of tremendous sadness as we grieve this terrible loss, as the circumstances surrounding Claire and their brother’s deaths are still being examined. Claire will always be in our hearts, and their departure will leave an irreplaceable gap in the lives of everybody who knew and loved them.”

Lil Tey’s most recent Instagram post was in June 2018.

As a 9-year-old social media influencer, Lil Tey¬†became viral. They were known for their luxurious hip-hop lifestyle, which they showed in Instagram videos with profanity-laced lyrics as the “Youngest Flexer of the Century.” They claimed in one video to have purchased a $200,000 sports automobile despite not having a driver’s license. In another, they were seen standing on top of a Beverly Hills scene, proclaiming, “I run L.A.” Lil Tey has relationships with prominent rappers such as Lil Chief Keef and XXXTentacion, whom they described to as “father figures” in Instagram postings in 2018. They were chastised for using the N-word, and they later apologized to individuals they had hurt. To get further attention, they appeared in a three-part documentary named “Life with Lil Te” in 2018.

Lil Tey was thrown into a custody dispute between their parents after disappearing from the internet five years ago, amid reports of family situations and safety worries surfacing online. Their Instagram was cleansed in June 2018, and the words “help me” were written on their story.

Following an alleged Instagram hack, a series of posts on Lil Tey’s Instagram accused their father, Christopher Hope, of misbehavior. According to the allegations, Hope directed Lil Te to return to Canada in order to profit from their winnings. Lil Tey’s manager, Harry Tsang, said at the time that the charges made in a 2018 interview with The Daily Beast were twisted.

A few months later, in a phone chat with Lil Te’s mother, Angela Tian, Lil Te stated, “Right now, I’m in a bad situation, and I don’t want to talk about these things.” They said that their father had “done something in court” and had court-ordered us to return here, claiming that “I’m in danger, and my belongings are in danger.”

“He was threatening to arrest me – if we didn’t come back, my mum would be arrested,” they claimed of Hope. I haven’t seen him in years. He hadn’t seen me in a long time, and he plainly came back for the money.”

This narrative is currently in the works.

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