49ers QB Trey Lance had a rocky preseason debut against the Raiders.

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Matt Severance has released his NFL picks for Sunday’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Los Angeles Rams are set to begin their third season in the NFL. As a result, if it hasn’t already been done, the number three overall draught selection should be pushed up.

The Rams’ career, on the other hand, appears to be stalled. Even though they didn’t get much support from their backups around and around their quarterback in Sunday’s preseason opener against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Rams seemed unsteady. They were timid on multiple dropbacks, which is expected for a quarterback who has only seen little action since the 2019 collegiate season. He committed several errors.

The question isn’t whether the Rams will fight for the starting job because they won’t, but whether he or Sam Darnold will be the 49ers’ backup quarterback. On Sunday, the Rams may not have secured backup employment behind Brock Purdy. They completed 10 of 15 attempts for 112 yards against the Las Vegas Raiders, rallying late to improve their numbers. They also averted two interceptions, one of which was in the end zone.

The regular season has yet to begin, but the Rams’ preseason start might have been much better. On each of the Rams’ first three possessions, the 49ers made three outs. So much so that on their fourth touchdown drive, they fired an ill-advised ball into traffic in the red zone. The throw was intercepted by Raiders cornerback Duke Shelley and intercepted by 49ers tight end Ross Dwelley. It didn’t hold much appeal for the Rams.

The 49ers scored a spectacular touchdown.

At the very least, it wasn’t three times.

The Rams pumped the ball twice on pass attempts on the 49ers’ first drive, allowing the Raiders’ defense to dominate them. They had been dismissed twice.

The 49ers faced another third-down predicament on their second drive. The Rams were hesitant once more, and as pressure mounted, they tossed it away swiftly and clumsily. Another three-and-out performance.

The third drive was similar. On first down, the Rams seemed uncertain with their play-action throws, then flipped their target with inconsistency. They didn’t attempt a pass on second down and were sacked again. The 49ers struck out three times in a row once more.

The Rams improved after that, but blunders remained.

The Rams ultimately scored with around 11 minutes remaining in the second quarter. They swiftly fired a ball and hit Willie Snead for a 12-yard gain in a tight position in the end zone. They scored after the drive, but it was an error, and the coach will inform the Rams about it.

Starting their sixth drive, the Rams were given ample time on first down, but they didn’t throw it away and were sacked. They then played well, including a precise shot on Chris Conley on third and ten. Their car stuck after reaching the fourth and short.

The Rams went for it in the middle on the final drive of the half, and linebacker Amari Burney read the Rams’ eyes, swatted the ball, and knocked down the throw. Burney’s deflection into an interception. Burney’s hit and a pass interference penalty put the 49ers in field goal range, but Jake Moody’s field goal attempt after the third quarter fell short. Darnold started the second half.

The Rams’ aggressive offensive line did not assist them at all. Their purchases were backups rather than starters. This was a bad scenario. However, the Rams were unable to completely capitalize on it as well.

The 49ers made a major trade to acquire the Rams, and it feels horrible. San Francisco traded three first-round selections and a third-round pick to acquire the Rams, who have four starts and 102 passing attempts. Injuries have held them back. At the end of the 2021 season, the Rams won only one game, which they began and finished against a terrible Houston Texans club.

The 49ers’ starting quarterback is Pardee. The only issue was his health. The 49ers wanted to make sure his elbow was in good shape following his offensive surgery. There was no discussion once he was cleared to practice.

Perhaps the Rams will win the backup position, or he will put in enough time in the preseason to establish a market for his services. The early signals of any incident were not promising.

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