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As a girl who likes girls, it can be quite difficult to ask a girl on a date. No worries. We have eight tips on how to ask a girl out.

Let her know that you are gay

For example, talk about your ex-girlfriend or another girl you once had a crush on. If you are interested in this girl, you must let her know that you are a lesbian. And now let’s see how she reacts to it …


If you make a joke, accidentally touch her arm or make a flirty, teasing remark. Is she coming along? Good sign. The lesbian escort London works perfect here.

Don’t just judge looks

Maybe your lesbian friend tells you that this girl is not a lesbian, but who knows she might be. So don’t just judge her by her appearance. You never know.

You can do it

Are you okay with this girl and do you think she won’t tear you down if you ask her out? Then just do it. No you have, you can get yes.

Prepare for miscommunication

It is possible that the girl sees your question as an invitation to just meet her instead of seeing it as a date. So be clear and just ask her if she wants to date with you. This way you prevent miscommunication.

Girls understand

Do you invite a girl out who you know also likes girls? Then try to stay relaxed. Of course, asking someone to date is always exciting, but every lesbian girl understands how difficult it is to ask another girl out. Even if she rejects you, she will be fine and mature with it. No worries.

Practice makes perfect

It can be a bit awkward if the girl says no, but in the end you will be glad you had the guts to ask her out. And moreover it is a super good exercise. You will see that the more often you interview a girl, the easier it will eventually become.

It is not the end of the world

Do not feel miserable if you are rejected. Be happy with yourself and hold on to that guts to ask someone out. Regret is much worse than rejection.

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